Welcome, Creative Souls!!!


100 days

Write one random sentence per day

Turn these sentences into a story

This is my challenge and I choose to accept it!

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I Won NaNoWriMo 2020!!!

This is the second time I participated in National Novel Writing Month, and the first time I completed it.

The Goal: Write 50K words of a brand new novel during the month of November.

Endgame: No matter how messy or incoherent your novel feels, you "win" when you cross that word count finish line.

How I Felt: Excited, then miserable, then hopeful. Then simply determined to finish.

What I Learned: I can do it! This is a challenging time, and there were reasons galore of why I could stop. But I made the choice to continue and I'm so happy that I did!

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Dandelion Fields


I'm so honored that I was asked to be part of the 3rd Finding Sparks Virtual Retreat! 


“How to Discover Your Story”


Learn about the unexpected ways in which you may be defining your story right now. Then find out how to change that narrative on the path of self-discovery. 


Your History Doesn’t Determine Your Story.

You do.

Here is a link to the presentation.